Reasons for Using USB Drives and Data Loss Situations

Data transfer and storage used to be a big issue until the invention of the universal serial bus (USB). Today USB drives have become the most common storage device in use in the day to day life. Additionally, it caters for the need for transferring data or files from one device to another. It comes in a portable size with a capacity of storing huge data volumes.

Advantages of USB hard drives

These storage devices can be connected to the USN port of the computer or through firewire cables. They can be connected easily and detached from the computer. There are several situations where they prove to be life saver options for users. The following are some of the advantages of using these drives.

Ease of use

easeofuseThese drives can be used easily by users of any age. They work instantly without the need of installing any drivers.


USB hard drives are portable enough to carry in your pocket or purse. Besides, they are normally compatible with a wide variety of desktops and laptops irrespective of the brand.

Storage capacity

Since they are small, these hard drives can store large volumes of data. They can be used for temporary storage or transfer of data from one device to another.

High speed

USB hard drives usually work at very high speeds. With their speeds, you can copy or transfer files and data easily.

Data loss situations with USB hard drives

Despite the many advantages these drives are prone to failure. The most common reasons for such failures is the ease with which that get connected and detached from the computer. The most user when in a hurry fail to detach the drives safely from the computers. This results in malfunctioning of the device. Besides, there may be times when users detach the devices while the transfer is ongoing. There are also situations which can happen to anybody like virus attack, sudden power failure, and hardware failure. All these situations may lead to inaccessibility of the USB drives resulting in data loss.

Accidental deletion

Any unintentional or accidental deletion of data from the USB drives will make them disappear completely.

Formatting the drive

When you format your USB drive, then you get rid of issues like corruption. In the process, you can delete all the data in the hard drives.

Improperly ejecting the drive

ejectingimproperlyIf you eject your hard drive without choosing the safe removal option or when the data is still being transferred then this is termed as to have been ejected improperly.